Melbourne Star Event

A ‘One off’ Event

Rotary Albert Park invites all Rotary Clubs in Victoria to this unique event to join us at an evening of fun and excitement (never before experienced) to raise funds and celebrate 100 years of The Rotary Foundation. The Melbourne Star have agreed to light up the wheel in Rotary colours for the night of 22nd April 2018.

This will be a promotion of Rotary on that evening…visible from all around Melbourne and the environs.

The Melbourne Star will be dedicated to Rotary only and the audience is Rotary club members, their families and friends. The Star stands 120 metres above the city and has unparalleled 360 degree panoramic views stretching 40Kms from Melbourne’s CBD.


Tickets & Hampers

Tickets are available at $35 per person. Pods can also be booked for the night, accommodating up to 20 people comfortably.

There are Hampers available which can be ordered in advance as well as $3 Soft drinks and $6 Wine, beer and cider. Hampers and drinks can be taken into pods, and can be purchased separately if desired.

Clubs are encouraged to buy a pod as Rotary Albert Park will donate $400 to The Rotary Foundation in their club’s name, if they buy a pod! If you would like to buy multiple items, simply “Add To Cart” then change your quantities while viewing your cart.


Tickets are non longer available online, but you can purchase last-minute tickets at the event.